Pray 4 Gansu


Overcoming the Laughter and Lies of the Chinese Communist Police

Part memoir, part expose, part call to arms, this account of my arrest, interrogation, and deportation from China exposes (in a lighter tone than you might expect) the petty, tyrannical, and (occasionally) friendly Commies I encountered along the way.

The lowlight highlight of the night was when the police laughed at the fact that I (a Westerner) need not worry about being beaten, thus mocking the experiences of countless Chinese believers who have truly suffered at their hands. This shocking (emphatically not funny) exchange gave me a glimpse into the demonic influence behind the persecution of Christians in China that continues even today.

Unbeaten is not about escaping a physical beating, but rather a declaration that the Chinese church will prevail despite persecution, and that foreign Christians can still play a strategic part. The doors are open for those who are willing to risk a little inconvenience to carry the Gospel to China's billions!

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